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About Me

Meeting Medicine Mama Kia  


Witch Wellness exists to create a collective paradigm shift of light consciousness through 'EarthWay' living.This is a safe celestial space where you will ritualize, network, collaborate and expand community through diverse experiences."What is your Earth purpose?" "What tea blend should you drink to heal your depression? What herb should you Yoni Steam with to rid that fishy womb odor?"Allow me to be a light source upon your healing journey into the unknown, we call life.I am the owner, creator of content and director of Witch Wellness. I educate, enlighten and entertain my honey hive through spotify podcast, Youtube tutorials and virtual / physical gatherings known as "Sacred Sister Circles".Join the tribe and tap in for the Full Moon Fridays every month.

POC & LGBTQ+ made✨

(Every piece is handmade with sacred ancient love)


Witch Wellness

Qualifications & Community Projects

June 2020 - Current

Mental Health Check-Ins, Positive Energy Community Group Meet-Ups

Join us physically and virtually every month for a "Mental Health Check In" with like minded tribe. These safe spaces are held for LGBTQ & POC especially to highlight social, environmental and spiritual injustice with art and activism. Located at the Gypsy House Cafe or zoom.

August 2022- January 2023

Yoni Steam Practitioner - Cosmic Tea DTC, CO

I have worked at a professional Metaphysical Shop in DTC at Cosmic Tea for Elizabeth as her Afro-Indigenous Yoni Steam practioner. I specifically steamed Sundays 10 am - 5 pm for ALL bodies (Men, Women, Teens and Couples). I have treated infertiltiy, hysterectomy recovery, abortion recovery, STD healing, UTI relief and heavy mensus.

August 2016 - Current

Full Moon Ceremonies & Sacred Sister Circles

Full Moons represent a time of celebration for the wholeness of all things to have gratitude for.

This is time to release trauma, negativity and embrace the fruition of entering a new cycle

🌹🌅( Love Donations kindly accepted, therefore if you can not afford it now- simply donate a smile, flowers 💐  or fruit 🍎  for the Goddess


Tap into your inner Asé/Magick with a class session:

• Sound Bowl Healing to begin class

• Shadow Journal Work

• Intuitive Tarot pull for each guest

• Spell Casting with burning release

• Vegan Snacks Provided 

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