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Elevate your Sacral Chakra and Womb with handmade Yoni Massage Oils to increase high vibratory energies in your sex life and romance.


Yoni oil is a natural oil infusion that contains organic essential oils and organically grown herbs for Earthway living. Many yoni oils can be as versatile as body oil, massage oil, or after shave lotion. 


Healing benefits of Yoni Massage Oils:

  • Eliminates Infection : Yeast/Discharge
  • Sooths Itching
  • Increases moisture
  • Prevents ingrown hairs
  • Provides floral fragrant odor

Glass container with dropper for delicate application. Apply on pillows, skin, baths and hair for essential growth.a

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Tea tree oil, Lavender , Rose Bud and Rosemary🌻


Yoni Massage Oils

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